Soleil Enchanted Soup Tureen 4 L in Porcelain
Soleil Enchanted Soup Tureen 4 L in Porcelain
Soleil Enchanted Soup Tureen 4 L in Porcelain

Soleil Enchanted Soup Tureen 4 L in Porcelain

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Whether in winter or summer, soups are always a good choice. They can be very versatile and, therefore, please the most varied profiles. To keep the soup warm when serving, bet on porcelain tureens. The Oxford Coup Tureen has a more classic format, which provides more safety and convenience during use.


Who said that soups don't deserve special attention when it comes time to serve them? Whether to scare away the low temperature or a lighter meal option, soups are dishes desired by many. In addition to not requiring so much skill in preparation, it is a type of meal that pleases the most varied palates.


  • Gold details that provide nobility and elegance.
  • The decoration is inspired by the magic and romance of fairy tales. 
  • Soleil Enchanted from Oxford will guarantee a harmonious and inspiring table.
  • Gloss surface safe for food contact - FDA Approved


1 Soup Tureen 4 L in porcelain

Use & Care 

  • Do not use in dishwasher or microwave 
  • Stackable and scratch-resistant
  • Gloss surface safe for contact
  • FDA approved

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About the Brand - Oxford

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Oxford is proud to be one of the first companies to introduce dinnerware created using environmentally friendly practices throughout its production line! Founded in 1954, Oxford is the largest porcelain manufacturer and ceramic tableware in Brazil and South America. We believe that being part of the marketplace requires practices focused on product quality through social responsibility and environmentally friendly guidelines.