Proper Effect Sparkling Wine 170 mL Set of 6
Proper Effect Sparkling Wine 170 mL Set of 6

Proper Effect Sparkling Wine 170 mL Set of 6

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One of the main characteristics of sparkling wine is the carbon dioxide bubbles that form when served, known as perlage. Oxford presents the Proper Effect collection of glasses to enjoy this world-renowned beverage, perfect for any special occasion!


OXFORD ALUMINA CRYSTAL brings high technology to the world of crystals. The innovative production process and the addition of ALUMINA in its composition give the product unique characteristics of high performance for use in day-to-day life.


  • The innovative process, which uses the laser in the treatment, gives the product an increase in more than 50% resistance to conventional cups.
  • Transparent products that show off the colours of the beverages, making tasting even more pleasurable.
  • The parts' strength makes polishing more practical and accessible without causing scratches on the crystal's wall.
  • The sober and traditional shapes of glasses get a good dose of irreverence with the proper effect format. The irregular shapes create an illusion of movement, making this line perfect for those who want to innovate when tasting drinks.


6  sparkling wine cups 170 mL

Use & Care 

Do not use in microwave or dishwasher

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