Peonies Collection Napkin Lilac Set of 2
Peonies Collection Napkin Lilac Set of 2
Peonies Collection Napkin Lilac Set of 2
Ma Perle

Peonies Collection Napkin Lilac Set of 2

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Peony is known as the "Queen of Flowers" and is also considered the flower of good luck, honour, and beauty. In Japan, the peony represents luck, happiness, fortune, and prosperity and appears in symbols along with the Japanese lion, known as "Shishi," signifying the balance between beauty and power.

The Peonies Collection is inspired by the flower and fashion universe. They are translated to bring joy and charm to the pleasure of gathering around the table, with love, soul, and personality.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Size: 45×45 cm
  • Colour: Ruby
  • Material: 100% polyester

Care and Maintenance

Spot clean with a soft toothbrush, Use mild soap and water

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About the Brand - Ma Perle

Fashion on your table

Ma Perle is a Brazilian brand of table linens and, since the beginning, had its essence inspired by the fashion universe.
Its collections have the solution to transform any ordinary table into an “object of desire” and were created to be blended due to their “mix and match” approach.
Ma Perle intends to awaken the pleasure of creating new experiences, thus bringing charm and joy to the pleasure of having people together around the table.